Project Office

Project Office is a design and research collaboration of staff and students. It is an architecture consultancy concerned with ethical, social, and resilient architecture and design. We work with like-minded communities, organisations and individuals.

/ Our Motivation

Project Office's dual activities are education and enterprise. Our key motivations demonstrate both our ethical principles and how to occupy a space concurrently within the academic institution and architecture practice. Our motivations go to eleven; it'¬ôs one louder than ten.

Using architecture ethically 
- The imperative of Environmentally Resilient Closed Loop Design
- Participatory design with students and collaborators
- Working with stakeholders who have no viable alternative to realise their projects
- Embedding research activity into our practice
- Providing opportunities for student engagement with a range of educational and formative experiences
- Complying with ARB/RIBA criteria and EU directives
- Evolving architectural pedagogies
- Doing and making architecture 
- Having fun
- Advocating an inspiring experience for all collaborators

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